About MLC

This is 'My Last Contract'! Those were my words the very first time I joined a cruise ship... About ten years have passed since then, and I keep hearing the same phrase over and over all around the ship. It's the same people coming back for more just like me, but why? Why is a life that leaves us feeling physically and mentally exhausted so addictive? Perhaps because this is the best/worst decision we've ever made in our lives. We've become hooked on a life that sometimes feels like a dream and sometimes like a nightmare. This is what we call Ship Life, and no matter how much we try to describe it, you need to sign a contract in order to fully understand it.
I hope you find in one of our products the expression that depicts our life on board, that Ship Life that we all love and hate, sometimes simultaneously. My Last Contract is here to applaud, motivate, admire, and recognize you! Feel proud of yourself and keep saying it; one day, you will finally sign your last contract, and then you will forever miss your years on board.
And remember...no rice, no power! :)
With love,
One of you :)